12.19.05 :: 9:32 am

so the grapevine informed me that my crappy ex is getting married this month in Florida.

I have no thoughts about it other than "fuck, I'm so glad it's not me that's stuck with him, his crappy friends, and his insane family. Thank you, baby Jesus."

Check and check. You get what you deserve, people.

In other news, we're leaving for Palm Springs on Wednesday and so far one of Ryan's two gifts has arrived in the mail and I hid it so that he wouldn't be tempted to peek.

I'm hoping the other one gets here today or tomorrow at the latest.

He cooked the most amazing stew the other night. The meat was melting right off the bone. And he roasted some beets and served them up with goat cheese and it was like superfine dining in jammies.

Saturday night Ruby and I hit our new favorite bar and she chatted up a cute architect with whom I believe she hit it off. I have not received the cock report this morning, so I am only assuming.

Lunch with Mom today. I have to hustle to Sephora and get her a bottle of her favorite perfume. It's only right.


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