02.04.04 :: 9:42 am

All I know is don't go see "Big Fish."

Man, what a Velveeta-fest. We were soaking in the cheese by the time it was done, after being pummeled over the head with cliches.

On the upside, Mr. M (my new boylove) and I had some yummy Mexican food prior to this cinematic mishap and later on discovered we were sitting across from Gabriel Byrne, he of The Usual Suspects.

Upon leaving the restaurant, I asked "Why is my ass wet?" whereupon Mr. M fired back with "Dear Penthouse..."

Man of my dreams, I tell you.

At midnight, we watched "Blind Date" and enjoyed what was possibly the most amazing romp in the old hay I've had in years.

Tonight, I need to rest these tired bones. And spend some quality time with my Stoosh-dog.

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