02.28.02 :: 9:47 am

"Your diary is really cool, but why do you call yourself Sharon?"

Ahhh, yes. Well, here is a quick lesson for the uninitiated.

Miss Sharon Taint is my Whorenun alter ego.

She likes whiskey, fast cars, the fast women in her crew, eyeliner, tall boots, and dancing.

She swears a lot, and smokes, and is the kind of girl your mother told you never to hang out with.

And that, is the Cliff's Notes version.


Today, on the ride into the city, some gross-looking woman with very stained yellow-brown front teeth talked the entire duration of the trip about her newborn baby and how she must be so much smarter than average babies her age because she sat up today and blah blah blah diapercakes.

I wondered if she knew that nobody gave a rat's ass about her baby except her.

I can only hope I don't become that boring when I have a kid.


I don't know what it is about the French women in this office, but they are some cold, heartless bitches. Where's the love, Francoise? Where's the joy, Catherine?

Q'uest ce qu'il se passe??

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