06.21.02 :: 11:40 am

It feels like 4.

Stop hovering, stop hovering, stop hovering.

Dead quiet here, but the Gestapo still finds it in her brittle heart to nitpick on a summer Friday. She has never left early. I have never had peace.

Come July 1st, there's a new world order and I'm fucking free.

The Weird NJ boxed set has arrived and I'll be reading in the sunshine at lunch.

And how badly can I not wait for tomorrow beach laying with Miss Ruby de la Foxx? I told her, bring some cd's for the mini boom box, and prepare for a day of sizzle crackle pop and gossip to our favorite tunes.

Sleepy. A little bit hung over. No headache, just drowsiness.

I hear a certain couch in the ladies' room calling my name.

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