09.23.01 :: 11:41 am

Best. Birhtday. Ever.

Who'da thunk turning 26 could be so fantastic?

I got a DVD player, DVDs, My Boy actually bought me a bike! A sweet, vintage reissue Huffy in eggplant color, with silver wheel guards or whatever they're called. The thing looks like a caddy and drives like a bus. Big ass handlebars. I'm souping it up with silver skulls over the valve caps. And black streamers. It's so my ride. I love it.

And then, a party. Miss Ruby's house of joy, where we drank with friends and then there was a cake and more presents! Ruby proves we are two peas in a pod by buying me a really obscure book that I already own.

And then, Don Hill's. it couldn't have been more fun. We danced like maniacs until 4. We drank. We sang along to the Strokes and Le Tigre. We bopped around like we were 14. My heart was just so lifted out of the quicksand it had been stuck in since September 11 and I felt literally light.

Of course, today I pay for it dearly, but walking home last night, My Boy all "you are my wife," and this hand in hand love-you-forevers put my to sleep somewhere on cloud 15.

Tonight, Miss Sweettits and her HB come home from Maine, with lobsters in tow, for a post-birthday feast. I cannot wait.

Blessed isn't even the word to describe the kind of friends I have. It's been the most amazing two days. I don't even know what I did to deserve it.

I'm going to eat home fries now.

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