09.20.03 :: 3:46 pm

So I'm making an assload of cd's for this party and to free up some room on my hard drive, I've decided to delete Laurie's wedding.

I only worked on it half-assedly, and the footage was unusable. Plus, you know what? If she had nine grand to spend on a band, she coulld have shelled out a couple hundred and gotten a professional videographer, and not me, her drunk friend.

I wonder when the bitterness over (her) wedding shenanigans will end.

In any event. Alison made cupcakes. I decorated the deck. It looks like a luau exploded onto it.

Mark's friend emailed me to ask if Mark was coming to the party and I said that I thought he was still being saintly in Michigan. Hopefully, he'll surprise me and show up. I'll fall dead where I stand.

I miss him. It's stupid.

I spent $87 on booze today.

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