2001-06-16 :: 12:24 p.m.

The Boy's oldest friend's birthday party was pretty fun. I got drunk and we played the "match the titties" game on the Mega Touch 2000 or whatever it's called.

I thought I'd feel uncomfortable or that people would be like, "what the hell is she doing here?" But nobody said that (I don't think) and everyone was as sweet as I remember them being.

Then, someone said something to me and The Boy which made my night. Someone said "I'm so happy for you two. Everything seems right with the world again." A night of different kinds of celebrations...

The birthday girl passed out in typical hardcore party fashion with her face buried into the couch cushions and really, that's the only way to end an evening... and on the way home from the train, The Boy and I found a shopping cart that was just screaming our names so I got a rideto my house. Starry skies, perfect temperature, skinned knees, laughing the entire way.

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