09.15.04 :: 9:37 am

With two shopping days left before Moo's birthday, I am undoubtedly the worst girlfriend ever because I have absolutely no idea what to get him.

It's not like he has everything, but everything he already has is great.

Why does this give me agita? It's like some part of me is still trying to impress him and make him, you know, not split. Even though I've passed the 2-month mark. Gah.

Maybe I should just pay for his cable installation because if I have to watch another crappy NBC program with static, I'm going to lose it.

In other news, I need booze. I need a ladies' night and I need booze.

The end.

Oh, and another snippet from Work Is Hell: I overheard my cubemate, she of the "Who's Marlon Brando?" fame, and she was talking to a coworker about acupuncture.

She explained that she'd been feeling, oh, a general malaise accompanied by headaches and tha she went to this ancient-ass acupuncturist who cured her of her ailment for $250.

Hi, hello, you just got ripped off, Maximus Moronicus.

How about you stop drinking so much coffee, and eat a fucking meal every now and then?

Malaise. Malaise my ass. Some people! And it's only Wednesday!

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