09.24.01 :: 10:18 am

It shouldn't take an hour and a half to get from Jersey City to Manhattan. But, because nothing is normal in this city ever again, this is my new commute. Until further notice.

Suck it up, Sundaygirl. We're waking up with the roosters.

Yesterday, over in six-o'clock-naptime-ville, I was having a really weird dream involving a bat flying at my face through a hole in the bathroom door at Sarah Jessica Parker's house. I woke up from my violent twitching reaction to it. My Boy was awake, watching me, and had a good laugh over the squirming I was doing in my sleep.

And, over in Life-Really-Moves-On Land, I'm getting my teeth cleaned at noon. First time in three years. I'm a walking cavity.

This is all so banal and lame.

But I need this boring shit to piece together the crumbly bits.

You understand.

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