08.05.02 :: 6:35 pm

I have actually gone almost an entire day without saying something here.

Either I'm finally getting bored after three years, or I've been buried underneath 14,357,893,457,923,849 stacks of work.


It's the latter.

Now I chill at home and wait to go to My Boy's show. I think he goes on last and this means a lot of standing around. Feh.

Oh well. It's the rock and roll lifestyle.

I cannot believe in two Mondays, I will not be trapped in my cube. Instead, I will be cozying up with the boy here:

Try our best to get everything squared away for the wedding.

Sometimes I think this isn't happening, I'm so young, but then I remember, dude... you're closer to thirty than you are to twenty, so..

I'm starving. Gonna make some pasta.

PS: No to toe rings already. No. We've discussed this and there is no leniency on the matter. And, while we're on the subject of feet, a resounding "NO" to French pedicures. That's just... unecessary. Little slivers of white on teeny toes. Makes me wince. Can't explain. Just no.

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