06.20.02 :: 1:58 pm

This may actually be the first time in my life that I need prescription medication for what appears to be allergies.

My head feels like it's in a box full of water.

And my eyes, contrarily, feel like two lit matches.

Hello, summer.

Tonight, I get my drink on with swanbenet and Shane and Jersey Jean. Luckily, it is payday. Luckily, I am doing okay this month. It's always after rent is paid that I do the pee-pee dance when it comes to my finances.

My Boy balances his checkbook, down to the last red cent. I know this because I'm handling his bills while he's away. I am such a screw-up comparitively.

He's so good. Therefore, a joint checking account once we are married is out of the question.

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