03.09.10 :: 9:41 am

Last night's pastry class was the tits, let me tell you.

I made a tarte tatin and two individual fruit tarts with the custard and the apple-glazed fruits on top.

The instructor, a pastry chef who's been working for 30 years, is self-taught. No formal training, and yet he knocks out some amazing stuff and is gainfully employed and by all appearances, happy.

His assistant for the evening, a lady my age who works as a pastry chef in 2 NYC restaurants, has never sat behind a desk for 8 buttnumbing hours.

She invited me to come hang out with her in her kitchen at the restaurant one night.

You best believe I'm going.

You guys, there is something so strangely calming being in a kitchen, ovens blazing, your hands in dough.

I could do this forever.
And I probably should.

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