11.11.01 :: 3:44 pm

Quickly because waitressing awaits:

What FUN! I have a chapped, red face, but WHAT FUN!

My Boy is exactly the right person for camping. He lit a fire in one shot. When it started raining in the tent in the middle of the night, he got the tarp over it in minutes. He was cooking left and right over potted fuel. And all the while managed to maintain his cute boy looks while being all rugged and mountain-y.

The dog, she did okay, too. Aside from some motion sickness mishaps in the car, she absolutely loved the great outdoors and loved sleeping in the tent and hung out in it on her own.

The first campsite we went to was depressing. It was under construction and there were some creepy guys hanging out, peeing into the Delaware river. Not cool.

So we made a few phone calls, got back into the car, and drove an hour south to Otter Lake Campgrounds where it was really fun and beautiful and wow, the stars, I mean, have you seen the stars from up on high lately?

So we drank and kept warm and drank and and drank and did the camping thing and it was a blast.

I want more.

Of course our wilderness survival was at a minimum this morning when the potted fule wasn't cooperating for breakfast anwe said "Fuck it," and packed up, got in the car, and paid a visit to the nearest McD's on I 80. Done and done.

This weekend went by way too fast.

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