07.22.05 :: 11:33 am

"The Atypical Pap (ASCUS)
This is the category that drives women crazy! This means some cells that are slightly funny looking, but not abnormal enough to call dysplasia. (ASCUS stands for "atypical cells of undetermined significance.) This category could also be called "probably normal, but I want to keep a close eye on things." There is a tremendous variation between labs on how many pap smears come back with this reading, which corresponds to the old "Class 2" classification. Some labs will be very liberal in calling normal variations "atypical," which causes women to worry needlessly. Other labs have stricter criteria for this classification.

Infection or vaginitis frequently causes this type of pap smear, so often the pap smear is repeated after the infection is treated. It is common to get this type of pap smear after treatment of the cervix for dysplasia. "

Those were my results.
I actually DID have a tiny infection that day, and I had recently had "treatment of the cervix for dysplasia" so hopefully, this won't mean much.

Hopefully, dear jesus, hopefully everything is ok.

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