06.29.03 :: 1:23 pm

See? Now I'm convinced that Ruby and I should be the ones planning the evening's activities because last night started disastrously, got progressively worse, and finally got better when we took the reigns, said fuck it, and did our own thing.

Sure, it was B's birthday party and all, but Denise should never be left in charge. There was a reason why she was excommunicated forever ago and last night was a refresher course in why that was the right thing to have done.

The evening began at Denise's where she and some of her friends were obviously on drugs and someone invited some scary 40 year old Israeli man who could not stop touching Ruby's hair. "Your hair! Is Amazing!" all night long, all night...

Afterwards, we go to this lame-ass party on a roof on Avenue C somewhere (hair-touchy guy in tow) and literally, everyone up there was be-mulletted, wearing pointy shoes and skinny pants. I couldn't tell the boys from the girls. Utterly ridiculous.

And then a neighbor called the fire department, claiming there was a fire on the roof, when obviously he/she was just pissed about people being up there and before we knew it... four fucking fire trucks pull up.

Having had enough of that kind of retardedness, Denise forces us all to go to a bar which was severely lacking in the air conditioning department and by that point, I had had enough.

I say to Ruby, what happened to our original plan?

And then we said fuck it and went with our original plan to go to Brooklyn and drink in an outdoor bar like human beings. Surrounded by lovely men.

So that's what we did. Ditched the lunacy. Did our own thing.

It was fun. We saw many a strange Williamsburg outfit and laughed and drank.

And I am hungover today, but it was worth it.

Time to give Stoosh a bath. The dog smells ripe.

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