08.11.03 :: 12:52 pm

I fucking honestly don't know why I bother having or maintaining friendships with heterosexual men.

They are fucking insane. And they pull such goddamned guilt trips on you.

I swear. I fucking swear.

So I told him about my potential crush object and he fucking lost it. I mean he went ballistic.

Blah blah blah "It's not something I respect, this schoolgirl crushing..." blah blah blah

Oh YEAH?? Who the fuck appointed you High Master of the Fucking Earth that you can look down upon everyone?

Go eat a bag of dicks, you fucking jerkwad. Nobody patronizes me in such a pathetic loser of a I-didn't-get-the-girl-so-I'm-gonna-make-her-feel-shitty manner.

Do you hear me? I will wring your scrawny neck.

The unmitigated freaking GALL. Because I love how he fails to acknowledge that I know he boned some girl last week.

Pot? Meet the fucking kettle and then shove it up your ass.

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