2001-06-13 :: 12:29 p.m.

Looking out the window here on the 38th floor, the fog makes it seem like there's nothing down below. Creepy!

Had a crazy dream last night that looked liek a movie. And the movie was about this quiet town, like in Little House on the Prairie, where a horrible murder happened in the Olsen's store... well, it wasn't really the Olsen's store itself, but a store like it... the Mercantile and shit.

And so everybody moved out of the town because the Mercantile became haunted with the soul of the little kid who got killed in there and the town just kind of died out.

And then about a hundred years later, it was the 1950's and the town was back and up and about and the Mercantile was a diner and the kids went there to have malts.

And then, a hundred years after that, waaay in the future, the malt shop had become a weird-ass Kodak Photomat where you get your cyberwhateverthefuck pictures developed. And some family was vacationing there and as they were driving passed the photomat, the little girl in the back seat starts having a freakout episode where she flashes back to the grisly murder that happened two hundred years ago and she's seeing the photomat as it originally was, the Mercantile, spattered with blood and guts.

Pretty insane. I woke up very confused. And, in case anyone was wondering, I had eaten five pickles the night before.

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