02.06.08 :: 12:04 pm

because i wasn't feeling sexy enough ... i'm currently sporting full-panel maternity pants. panel pulled up all the way to my underboob, natch.

oh my god, so so hot.

but i will say that this is the most comfortable i've been in a month.

work continues to baffle. the intensity of the micromanagement is practically painful. I mean, doctor's notes are required now for sick days taken?
Really?! What is this, fourth grade?
Yeah well I guess it kind of it, now that I mention it.

I continue to buck the trends, however, and operate under my own good judgment.

Oh, Ry and I saw a really great sci-fi movie a couple nights ago: Sunshine. It was psychological as well as sci-fi and creepy too. So now this is becoming my fave movie genre.

Ergo, internet: recommend me more psychological sci-fi thrillers. I've got nothing but time on my hands for the next 4.5 months.

And finally, I should probably get around to registering to vote in California but since it takes 45 minutes to get to an ATM, i'm finding this prospect daunting.

I'm such a bad citizen.

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