03.19.02 :: 12:20 pm

My Boy brought home some interesting memorabilia last night.

It was his band's video footage of their 2000 tour, you know, the tour that he was on when he cheated on me and we broke up.

I can't believe that was two years ago.

Luckily, there was no footage of Columbus or of Sleazy, and it was actually entertaining as hell.

Their drunken escapades, van ramblings, back when Dirty wasn't even known as Dirty yet ...

My Boy got all drunk and nostalgic watching these videos. And at one point, sighed and exclaimed, "Awwwww... Sweettits is so pretty..."

So cute.

Anyway, after about two hours of watching really bad bands, we got slap happy and he spun me around the on the floor by my hands and then decided it was time for bed.

That boy's most definitely working a hangover today.

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