03.30.07 :: 9:04 am

man, it's been a much-needed rest.

i did absolutely nothing and went absolutely nowhere, as promised.
but i feel relaxed and de-stressed and ready to face the last couple of weeks in diddyland.

did get a mani-pedi.
did run 3 miles on monday, wednesday, and thursday.

ate a yumtastic meal on wednesday consisting of artichoke salad, carpaccio, gnocchi, squid-ink risotto, rabbit, mussels, and flank steak.

I mean, really good stuff.

Finishing up the invites for our going-away bash, but we have as yet not determined the bar. It's crazy. there's a million billion bars in this godforsaken town and I'm not motivated to enter in any one of them.

Oh, New York.
I'm so burnt out on you.
But I'm giving you one last go on April 21st.

Now, it's time for morning post-coffee poops.
I like to keep my readers informed.

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