06.22.04 :: 9:07 am

I know. I know. I've totally and completely lost my mind, but at the same time, my thoughts have never been clearer.

Last night he expressed the same feelings and we decided the only thing to do is just go with it, people, let's just go with it because what the fuck do we have to lose except the shrivelly remains of our already dead hearts? So who cares?

Who cares?! It's love! Swan dive headfirst with your eyes closed, dammit! And if it turns out nothing's there to catch you, it won't even kill you! In no other aspect of this ridiculous life can you be so insanely reckless without dire consequences, so I'm not going to tiptoe on eggshells.

Every synapse in me is firing and every electrical current says yes.

I'm excited, I'm horrified, it's insane. I can't stop laughing.

So. That out of the way, I am excited for this weekend and it's only Tuesday. I'm excited because I like looking forward to sunny barbecues and cold bevvies with friends. I'm excited to go to the beach and get sand in my hair.

I fucking love summer.

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