08.06.07 :: 12:59 pm

had a small cocktail/food party on saturday night and every person that we know in LA showed up!

about 12 people, in other words.

it was fun though. great food courtesy of the mister, great music courtesy of myself, and then later great drunken guitar-heroing.

in "getting into the swing of things" news, i got my period this month which means my twisted insides are getting something right and therefore I didn't need to take the scary progesterone pills to induce.

This is all good news.

Not so good news? that the mister said he thought he'd be in a "different" place financially before starting to have babies but you know what?

shut up. in short.

to get into it further, I will be 32 next month and he will be 35 and i am not waiting a single goddamned fucking second longer.

there is never a "perfect time" to have a fucking baby. It's like the END OF YOUR LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT and the beginning of a whole new one.
There's never going to be "enough" money or enough resources/help.

But people have been doing it with much less for a bajillion years and yeah, can you tell I'm really not having any hemming and hawing?

Because I'm not.

I am getting pregnant by the end of this fucking year if it's the last thing I do.

the ticking clock has morphed into a giant fucking liberty bell.

hello, monday.

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