04.05.04 :: 9:30 am

I have never in my life been so bored on a date.

Usually, I'm capable of cracking even the toughest nut but this guy... this guy... couldn't be interesting if he was the last person standing on earth.

And not only that, but he wasn't even funny, or smart, or anything. Just... there.

Whatever, thank God that's over. At least all my songs came on the jukebox while I stewed in the misery. Small miracles.

Last night, EP and I rekindled our retarded friendship and we got stoned at his house and watched School of Rock and the Sopranos and I marveled at the fact that Simon still has the same girlfriend I met on New Year's Eve, which leads me to believe that even the most hopeless of men have the capacity to change for the better.

I miss Mr. M. That cannot be stressed enough. And though I know in my heart of hearts that he's not coming back, it doesn't make it any easier or shed any light on the situation.

I hope there is a lesson to be learned from this, however.

I have to go poo now.

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