06.14.02 :: 1:19 pm

The only thing that I know right now is that I better be horizontal on sand for the better part of the day next Saturday.

It is totally unacceptable to have cold hands and feet in the middle of June.

His car broke down two days into the 5-week tour, I have no idea what they're driving around in now, and what's to become of the Thunderbus, all alone and abandoned in DC.

The drama that follows his band...it's an endless supply, godlovethem.

Yesterday afternoon, I ended up having an hour-long e-mail conversation with my cousin Elena. She was text messaging me from her cell phone in Greece. She really can type fast on that thing. And she was telling me all sorts of fun things she's got planned for My Boy and I. Cannot wait.

Coming up: Happy Hour.

And, just in case anyone's wondering what the perfect summertime music is... it's The Avalanches.

It puts thoughts of iceys and halter tops in Harlem in my head. Or something.

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