September 01, 2001 :: 3:29 pm

Last night My Boy and I watched "Alive," the movie about a rugby team stranded in the mountains after a plane crash.

We both agreed that if something like that ever happened to us, we would never eat each other.

I think tonight we might head on over to the Old Man bar and knock back a few, for old time's sake. I feel the need for a buzz, and the cheapest one at that.

Miss Ruby Foxx goes to Texas today, I think, and I'm suffering through withdrawal.

Speaking of which, I got an email from Tallboy while in Greece and the gist of it was that he wanted to see if I'd be interested in hanging out and grabbing a drink after Labor Day, and maybe I should, I mean, we were never really boyfriend/girlfriend and it was never really serious, so whatever. I should make some kind of effort to keep people who are genuinely cool and nice in my life, right?

Speaking of which (again), Drummer Boy called My Boy to set up a show for both their bands some time in October, I think, and that will be so interesting, considering the whole friendship thing with Drummer Boy didn't work out, primarily because I felt like he was only interested in calling me whenever his band was playing. Friends don't act that farty.


It bears repeating that I am So. Very. Fucking. Glad I don't have to deal with guys and dating. I was going to type "anymore" but that would be getting way the fuck ahead of myself and jinxing this good thing no joke, undoubtedly.

Three weeks till 26, in other news. I hope he remembers without me having to remind him. I don't necessarily want anything. I just hope he remembers.

Maybe I can ask him if we can have a small party in his backyard. I haven't had a birthday party in ages.

Oh my God, Laurie's back from Denmark. I have to call her. Hopefully we can do a joint b-day bash this year. Born ten hours apart, the wonder twins need to be reunited.


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