07.12.06 :: 11:05 am

i feel like i'm on the verge of a sore throat that never fully arrives.
do i have strep? avian flu?

two weeks until reimbursement from greece and it's not as much as i had hoped due to lawyer fees and all that garbage but still, a couple g's and i'm back on top of my idiotic finances.

i'm liking my body but the reminder from the gyno that i have to schedule an appointment this month makes me think of the scale i have to get on and i think i'm just gonna have the nurse not tell me what i weigh, because i've been feeling really good and i've been feeling really on top of working out.

and i don't want to be disappointed.
because i've packed on muscle, and therefore pounds.

it's all so stupid, really.
and i'm psyching myself out for my final fitting and lal this wedding nonsense can really just go blow itself and then fuck itself right in the neck.


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