04.16.04 :: 1:06 pm

Tomorrow, my neighborhood pal (I'll call him Lemur) and I are going to Home Depot, stocking up on supplies and embarking on the Arts & Crafts Jamboree of 2004 on my rooftop.

I'm making customized toilet seat covers. The first one will be for my apartment and will keep up with our fantastic Wonder Woman bathroom theme.

Glitter, fake flowers, plastic jewels, hot glue and spraypaint will adorn our throne.

Yeah so it's going to be fun. Because it's going to be sunny. And warm. And what a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than spraypainting toilet seats on a sundrenched roof with the stereo going and Bloody Marys on hand?

Nothing, I tell you.

I'm keeping myself busy, creatively.

Because it's the only way to exorcise The Demon.

Then, on Sunday, I'm taking Stoosh-dog over to Carla's buddy's pad for a roof deck cookout.

Good times. Man, I love springtime. Around every corner, a yummy fun thing.

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