06.17.05 :: 9:22 am

went drinking with the new roomies last night plus Lemur, Ellz, Devin and Dr. Balls.

Yes I found roommates.
Yes it was harrowing.

But they are lovely ladies with a penchant for booze and trash talking, so it will be a very pleasant cohabitation indeed.

A good time was had.

Ryan declined to meet us because he'd had a stressful day at work, which kind of annoyingly translated to acting like eight bitches in a bitchboat to me over the phone. And back in the day, if a boyfriend behaved oddly, I would immediately assume it was my doing and then proceed to try and fix the situation.

Not anymore. I kindly told him it was cool for him to lay low, to call me when he felt better, and then I hung up the phone. And felt really good about NOT DEALING WITH IT.

It's Friday. Free lunch today.
And after free lunch, I'm going to the pharmacy to stock up on prescriptions now that I finally have HEALTH INSURANCE.

Fucking yippee!

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