10.28.09 :: 3:01 pm

I think by the time I actually secure a full-time job again, it will probably be too late to try for another baby.

And there are the facts this rainy wednesday afternoon.

If you figure I have to be at a job for at least a year before maternity leave will be available to me and then figure in the time it will take to actually get my janky, battered corpse pregnant, and then figure in the time it will take to convince my OB to "let's skip to the SCIENCE" and get on the pills and then hope they work a second time ... well, there that goes.

Also factoring in to this "only child" conundrum is how my "career" will be on hold indefinitely.

Not that I really had a promising one to begin with, but no, I did actually.

And I need to go back and board that crazy train again because we cannot CANNOT CANNOT have two kids with one salary in vicious, take-no-prisoner New York em-effin' City.

All this has come up because one of Ryan's close friend's wife is re-pregnant (do you like that? I just made that term up) and they have a small daughter and now they're having a son and it's all very twangy jealousy-making in my uterus right now because i sort of secretly and not-so-secretly yearn and pine for a little girl to round out this cabal i've got going.

Plus, Oliver is such a terrific little boy and I think it would be a serious waste if we didn't give him the opportunity of sharing his overwhelming awesomeness with a sibling, who in turn could hopefully grow up to be a lot like him.

Dear Universe,
Please align for me so that I can give the gift of TWO TERRIFIC PEOPLE to this terrible, practically-failing planet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time.


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