2001-06-27 :: 9:53 a.m.

Tallboy e-mailed me last night. I guess he was apologizing for letting things "peter out." I hate that phrase. Peter out. Blech.

I replied, telling him not to sweat it, and that it was fun while it lasted. Later days, take care, goodbye.

Done and done.

If only everything else were that easy.

It's not so much the invite that twists me, it's the (suspicion of) less-than-noble intent that accompanies it.

I know what she thinks of me. Which is why I'm nauseous. And I hate being like this so I'm not going to let it get to me, and I'm going to continue being a freaking lady, because, come on now Sundaygirl...


There. That puts things in perspective.

I'm looking forward to en entire day of lying supine in the park on July 4th from noon - 4:00. And then hopefully there'll be a picnic or barbecue to go to. Weekly allotment of grilled meats present. Sweet.

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