10.13.01 :: 9:24 am

it's that time of year again, kids, where Miss Sundaygirl has to schlep all her fine winter non-washables to the cleaners for repair and, uh, cleaning.

And, because they fit snugly in three Big Brown Bags from Bloomingdale's, I'm looking at a bill in the ballpark of, oh, I don't know, $120, $125? That sounds about right.

But I have to look fabulous at work, lest the Lauders do a fly-by and I happen to be cheesed out in Express that day. Already, I've said too much.

In other financially-strapped news, I waitressed last night and, yeah, well, the base salary for a waiter is $3. An HOUR. Luckily, it's a fancy shmancy joint, and you walk away with $60-$70 in tiips per night, so I guess it balances out. Somehow.

I have to wear black pants, a white shirt, a white apron, and a tie. A tie. Yes.

Well, whatever. I hear the androgynous look is in.

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