08.21.03 :: 3:09 pm

It was bound to happen.

After going an entire brutal winter, complete with snow in April and not getting sick once... I have fallen gravely ill.

Some kind of bug or virus that's going round. And this virus has also manifested itself in my EYE.

One giant puffy bloated bloodshot eye.

I am so pretty.

Look at the way my nose drips. Look at the beautiful rivers of goo my eye is secreting.

This shit better clear up by tomorrow, because I want to go out. I want to go dance. And drink. And kill some more brain cells.

I don't care if I still feel sick. As long as I don't look sick, we're cool.

In other news, I can't stop listening to the message he left me. I wish he hadn't gone sailing.

Part of me doesn't want him to come back at all, or to move to the area, because if it turns out he was also just getting his ya-ya's out, then I'll be embittered again and I just want to have a good end of summer.

I honestly don't ask for a lot.

The dog's health, my (general) health, a steady paycheck, and the sweet, sweet lovin' of one good gentleman caller.

I am such a sucker for my type.

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