12.06.01 :: 9:47 am

Done and done. Check and check.

We're in like Flynn, and we begin the move-in process in less than a week, kids. Less than a week, and I will be decorating the kitchen, and wrapping christmas lights around the loft railing and oh my God, I can't wait to decorate!

Sundaygirl and My Boy, version 2.0 ...

The housewarming party will be there for those who so know they're invited.

Now, I send out change of address cards, and chill. We did it.


After work yesterday, they had shut down Madison Avenue between 57th and 61st Streets. Because there was a suspicious bag on the street.

How creepy is that? But it felt nice to cross the street in rush hour traffic and not practically get run over in the process.

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