06.28.02 :: 1:46 pm

Allergens live in this here office space. Unexplained stuffy noses, watery eyes, sneezes, that were all non-existent before 9 AM.

Windexed up and down yesterday; disinfected and sterilized.

No go.

Perhaps I'm just run down. Went to bed fairly late, around 2, last night... due to the Max Fish outing with the girls.

The place was completely talent-free for them, until we dared Erin to go talk to the one decent looking fellow in the joint. She did, and returned a twenty minutes later with "He was the most boringest human ever." And that was that.

Tomorrow, is my saint's day. And I'll be spending it with my walkman and a big towel on the beach.

I do best June-September. Warmer climates would just melt my heart.

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