06.01.09 :: 8:16 am

Another month goes by and I am still unable to archive older entries past 100 pages.
First World Problems.

Last night's promise of an early bedtime was marred by the implausibly loud party taking place on a precariously built deck next door, complete with makeshift see-saw (!) and screeching children.

I stuck my head out and told them to pipe the fuck down and mercifully, all was peaceful again until an hour later.

Have they changed the flight path for JFK and/or LaGuardia? Every four minutes a jet engine would roar directly above our bed.
So peaceful.

I love Brooklyn I love this neighborhood.
Bu we have got to move to a location only slightly less ghetto.

I only speak the truth.
This segues perfectly into the fact that I am not-so-secretly glad the Salvation Army next door is going out of business.
Because, sorry, but it was sickening to see mountains of shit piled outside the door and hordes of people pillaging through it like Halloween candy.

Fucking gross.

And one last thing? We have to get out of this location but especially before this monstrosity of a cultural black hole gets built.
The traffic, construction, noise, and all around unsavoriness of this pending pile of shit is enough to make me want to move to the farthest edge of Montauk. Which would technically be the sea.


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