11.05.01 :: 10:31 am

Still hacking up my lungs, but I'm managing well. I'll be cavorting in the woods like no one's business next Saturday.

The Yankees fucked it up in the last possible second, but it seemed like they were on autopilot and not really there from Game 1, so it was to be expected. I don't think their hearts were in it at all.

But still.

I don't know what's wrong with people in Arizona, but holding up huge signs proclaiming "New York = HISTORY" is one of the tackiest displays of sore winning ever.

Because they obviously don't even know how almost true that was.

Motherfucking shit-for-brains.

Anyways, whatever. Karma. That is all.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows replaces coffee in the morning; a tastier substitution.

12:15 I get my tooth drilled again because I can never seem to remember that eating is a no-no after getting a filling.

I must not forget to bring along coffee and brandy for the camping trip. Because those are two great tastes that go great together. Warm the blood, get your drunk on. What a superb pair of activities.

It can snow now, if it wants.

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