09.15.02 :: 11:18 am

Helped Carla and Erin move in. All went smoothly, except for the part where My Boy locked the keys in the car and then went all "Gone in 60 Seconds" and jimmied the lock with a wire hanger, except it took him ten minutes. Practice, I say, and then we can steal cars and sell them for parts. You know, a little income on the side.

15 months without Tony Soprano. Later this evening, we reunite over wine and pasta. Can't wait; feels like Christmas.

Had a dream this morning that two weeks from now, I was back on an airplane with my mother, heading to Greece again. Forgetting to tell my bosses that I was leaving. Plane losing altitude, nose-diving and all I can remember thinking was "No, no no no no, you fucker!" as I gripped the arm rests, held together with duct tape.

Landed on a beach. Everyone OK, but the plane badly damaged. Had to taxi the rest of the way. Unreal.

Today, I'm craving a sewing machine.

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