02.25.08 :: 9:50 am

saturday i made peanut butter cookies from scratch without the aid of an electric mixer because i'm mildly masochistic that way.

they turned out freaking amazing.

ryan thinks i have a real gift for baking.
Personally, i think if you add an entire package of butter and 2 cups of sugar to anything, you can't miss.

walked over to Macy's as well, in the neverending search for a pretty dress to wear to the New Orleans wedding, but got promptly depressed at the sadsack selection and instead we bought Oliver a really adorable corduroy pants/shirt/jacket combination. On sale. By Kenneth Cole.

"This kid is going to be better dressed than we are."

Ain't that the truth.

Back at work today. And the drive this morning was way cautious. I suspect it will be this way until we pack up and leave.
Which isn't soon enough.

But just when I think we're really making headway saving a lot of money, we get assraped by taxes.
Ryan needs to get back into the six-figure salaried position.

Our down payment nest-egg took a dent.

These are all minor problems, however.
I'm just feeling insane amounts of gratefulness and love that envelop my entire life right now.

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