September 04, 2001 :: 4:55 pm

Once I get over my laid-back-laziness that's carrying over from my Greece trip, I will post a picture of the majesty. Or maybe a donkey. We'll see.

I bought a new work outfit today. Shoes included. I am a big dorkus moronicus and the world needs to know it. I don't care though.

And now it's back to working two jobs. Big fucking deal. I will eventually get hired full time at the Big Makeup Giant Corporation which will eventually get me transferred to the Athens office in Greece. It's all part of Sundaygirl's Five-to-Seven Year Plan. And nobody's stopping this train, kids.

Two nights ago, my cousin called me from her cell phone in Mykonos, drunk, at 2 AM (Greek time). I asked what she was doing and she described the evening's events and where she was sitting at Caprice, our favorite bar, and don't you just know I got pangs of jealousy and nostalgia and I miss you guys already. Word.

Anyway. Last night, My Boy and I went to see a supposedly haunted church where some weird lights like cat's eyes can be seen from the belfry. It was pretty spooky, but it was kind of a busy street so I didn't get too scared.

Later, after we got sufficient footage of the church, we decided to continue our frightfest by seeing "The Others," that Nicole Kidman movie about a freaky haunted house. It was pretty good. I never would'v eguessed the twist at the end. Also, I screamed exactly once. Like a little girl. And it was funny because a couple of scenes earlier, I totally thought something was going to jump out and scare the living bejesus out of us so I covered My Boy's mouth so he wouldn't scream. He tends to scare easily. And he also screams like a little girl. But he ended up not doing so when I lost my shit, which was funny.

I need Chinese food.

I have to go make that happen.

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