11.29.01 :: 10:33 am

Thank God My Boy and I have, at most, one year to look for a new place.

Because we're set on a loft. And I don't care if I have to move to the boondocks to get it. Those 20ft ceilings, windows all around, big open industrial space will.be.mine.

And we will find one of these babies for cheaper than you will be able to stand.

First thing's first. Um, hi. I've been temping here for months. I would like for you to put me on salary and benefits right now because if I have to serve another pan-seared Flordia snapper one more time on a Saturday night, I will lose my shit.

Thanks. Approved.

How much am I looking forward to drinks on Friday with the Nunnery? Back to the scene of many crimes: Max Fish.

I'll bring a pocketful of quarters for the jukebox, and the ten trillion crumpled ones I've been collecting from my tips.

And I am going to slam back shot after shot after shot after shot, until my nerves are subdued and I'm duped to think the haze in my vision is actually part of the ambience.

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