06.18.02 :: 10:45 pm

This weekend, I take out my Inner Whorenun, Sharon Taint. Only, she'll be the considerably less tarty, only slightly less drunk version 2.1.1

I'm sure me and the Foxx can find ourselves some trouble to get into.

Unexplainably, I've come down with a cold. It's probably because I'm temporarily without my vitamins. This will not dampen my mood or my weekend. I'm feeling pretty good and accomplished.

And, on the housewife front, I'm really elated by a product I found in a hurry at the local bodega: It's called Latin clean. And it's like Mr. Clean, only less of an intrusive and painful smell. And I sing its praises.

My floors no longer smell like dog accidents, but a field of frickin fancy flowers. I kid you not. "Use LATIN CLEAN for: Floors, Kitchens, Walls, Venetian Blinds, and Autos," it exlaims. "When doing your laundry add 2 caps of LATIN CLEAN per 5 liters of water during the rinse cycle to get a delicate fragrance in your clothing." Whuh...??!!?

You can use this shit for ANYTHING! Go, go, go immediately and get yourselves some. I bet you could wash your dishes with this stuff if it lathered.

And with that little infomercial, I'm going to finish watching a program about earwigs boring holes through human heads.

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