03.29.10 :: 9:45 am

As if the Atlantic Yards ridiculousness couldn't get more ridiculous, we now have MICE.

Yes. Due to all this infernal fucking demolition going on around our apartment, we've involuntarily taken in a fucking cavalcade of mice.

I've only seen one, but the droppings are all over the kitchen so Ry and I did what any sane people in such a situation would do: we cleaned the everloving SHIT out of the place.
Like top to bottom.
And set traps.
And barricaded any food.

I really wish Stoosh were still around because she would've taken care of this problem immediately.

So now I'm sitting around waiting for the dude to come and plug up whatever holes they came in through.

What's getting me though is that they're not taking the bait on the traps.
New York City mice are fucking SMART.


I cannot live one second longer knowing those little shits are scurrying around OUR STUFF.

How I yearn for the satisfying SNAP of a metal clamping down on a nasty rodent head.

Off to mop the floors, yet AGAIN.
(I honestly cannot shower or clean enough today. I'm going to scrub myself and floors raw, just watch).

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