09.30.01 :: 4:15 pm

Saturday night we danced like motherfuckers in my living room, drunk on V8 and vodka, playing DJ and pogoing around to Violent Femmes and New Order like the 80's kids we are. Me and My Boy.

Later, he started slurring and I suggested he go throw up as a joke, but he took my advice, booted and rallied. Such a trooper.

Ruby's friend Zucker bought a shitload of Strokes tickets, and one's got my name on it, baby. Yeah! I haven't been to a rock show in ages, and I need my socks rocked in a big way.

Who better than a bunch of sweaty little boys?

Today, I was actually productive, cleaned out my closet, did laundry, put everything away, made my bed, cleaned the house, did dishes and the floors, scrubbed the bathroom. All before 4 o'clock. I've got "homemaker" stamped on my forehead. Someone shoot me.

Hopefully, My Boy won't have to work till 8 or 9 because the weather is such shit. We've become almost dangerously addicted to each other. We can't stand to be apart for more than half a day. This is either endearing, or we need counseling.

$133.65 was the total at ShopRite yesterday. This is because I hadn't bought groceries since July. Don't ask me what I ate. I have no clue.

Drizzle drizzle.

I'm gonna go spoon the dog.

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