10.15.01 :: 11:47 am

This is entry number 666.

Let's celebrate. I'm picking bagel pieces out from between the keys. Not very devilish, but it's hard to be evil when all you want to do is drive around with yer boy, getting his car inspected, eating sushi, renting DVDs, going to the mall, and making out.

I'm a permateen.

He lost his ring, but said he'd buy a new one, and ironically, bought me a sparkly one from girlprops the same day.

He's funny.

So, 666. Evil!

I checked out makeoutclub.com earlier, and you know?...they sure spend a lot of time posting messages like "rate me," and "Do you think I'm pretty?" and "Hottest MOCer" and "I'm on page 1 - I Rock" and calling each other fags and sluts.

I guess indierock kids need diversions other than dashboard confessional or jimmy eat world or whatever fucking other emo retardation is popular these days.

I'll stick with hissyfit and fametracker.

So last night I imported a bunch of footage of the JC Crew from summers and rock shows past and I think I'll make a little video set to a song by My Boy's band and maybe they'll put it up on their site, for people's viewing pleasure.

That would rule.

Motivation's happening.

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