05.14.02 :: 10:29 am

Yesterday was a small victory for this sad little clockwatcher.

Mysteriously, 65 codes were released and were nto supposed to be. Of course, guess who the Gestapo comes running to when such a huge-ass mistake goes down? Yeah.

I said, I'm positive I didn't release those codes.

She said, the system says here you were working on them May 7.

I said, I was, but I only changed the shade names. I saved without releasing.

She said, this is very bad, and went on and on about how she can't afford me making these types of mistakes.

I stood my ground.

While she was at lunch, I called the tech guys and asked them to go into the history log and find out who released those codes. And bingo, it was some asshole in another department.

Print, print print, save (just in case) and print again and leave the prinout proof of my innocence on the Gestapo's chair for when she comes back.

She didn't even apologize for blaming me.

All in a day's work for this Whorenun, but at least my good name is cleared.

I'm mailing her a fucking pipe bomb one of these days. Here's your 65 released codes, bitch.

In other news, we drank an entire Magnum of wine last night and it didn't even touch me. Except that I ate a whole block of sharp cheddar cheese and then urgently did Mafia Joe's exercise until it felt like my insides were burning.

This is probably an eating disorder. I needed to get me one of those because, as My Boy pointed out, "I've never seen anyone love food as much as you."

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