09.28.04 :: 9:17 am

So one of my new roommates is, like, a vortex of garbage.

She lives in her little hovel, a trashpit of a room, chainsmoking and drinking.
I think she has a job, but I don't think she ever goes to it.

Now I'm not the type of person to care how you conduct your life in the privacy of your own space, but when my stuff starts getting involved and disappearing into that little horror vacuum, well... I'm gonna have a problem.

Recently, I noticed some of my DVD's went missing. And I treat those things like my babies. So I'm visibily sickened by this turn of events. I mean, eventually, I have no problem asking for these things back, but I don't want to seem crazed and desperate - which I am.

The second, most alarming incident involves a set of teacups (black) which I adore. They're small and completely ineffective for the amounts of caffeine I normally need, but they're so damned cute and minimal and perfect and, well, they're MINE dammit.

Well, all but ONE has gone missing.

I asked the other, more neat and sane roommate if she had seen them, and she gave the logical and sane response of "No, I don't use those anyway, they're too small for my caffeine needs."

Well, I searched all cupboards, drawers, racks, etc., but to no avail.

So I ask the Hovel Mistress, because I've seen her use those teacups before. And she glances around the destruction that is her 12 x 10 space and said, "No, I don't think they're here."

Meanwhile, I'm staring straight at some of my DVD's scattered about the windowsill and dresser.

"Well, can you take a look later, please? It's really weird that they're missing and I didn't break any of them."

Moo thinks she broke them and she's not admitting it. I disagreed, because they're pretty thick cups.

He countered with, "Dude, she opened a door onto her face and gave herself a black eye. ANYTHING is possible."

And it's true.
I just want my stuff back.

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