12.16.09 :: 7:43 pm

and when darkness lifts and the room is bright
I'll still be by your side
for you are all that matters and
I'll love you til the day I die
there never need be longing in your eyes
as long as the hand that rocks the cradle is mine

I just remembered this song and it got me where i lived momentarily.

the one it reminded me of will be on an airplane with his father in three days and although I will undoubtedly miss him, a part of me is so longing for this break.

I have my six days mapped out in my calendar.

Filled with things to do and see and places to go and movies to watch.
There are restaurants to go to and books to read as I eat.

It's going to be fucking wonderful.

Always been a solitary kinda gal. You gotta love me then leave me alone, as it were.

Can't wait
Can't wait
Can't wait

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