10.07.01 :: 11:36 am

Per usual, the booze kicked my ass Friday night. Couldn't function properly until about five and then I went pumpkin carving. Feeling urpy and oogy, for sure, pumpkin guts smushing between my hands, but the mummy face came out pretty good, and stencils make it seem like we'd been carving professionally for years.

I know I am a terrible person, but I did plan on going to Fiona's birthday party in Brooklyn. I was gearing up, getting myself psyched. And then I sat down on the couch at 10 and, well, the disco nap turned into a disco sleep. In any case, I suck, but hopefully I'm not excommunicated from the Nunnery just yet.

Today is all about deciphering guitar tabs and Stoosh-dog spooning. Gimme.

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