01.09.05 :: 5:48 pm

this weekend did not go as i'd hoped.
ryan and i had our first real argument and then the headache i'd been sporting since friday afternoon did not vacate my head until about an hour ago.
all in all, shitness. shitness and very little sleep.
the argument with ryan was minor in comparison to the blowouts i've had with past boyfriends, and we got over it in a decent amount of time with apologies on both our parts, but still. it's never fun to have a fight. i feel so out of control when it happens. but i suppose all relationships have their moments of weakness and their ups and downs. so, that's that.
hopefully, next weekend will be better and more productive and more social.
I want to start a weekly "movie club" ... instead of book club, we watch a movie together over drinks and food and then talk about it. Followed by gossip.
It's an idea.
anyway, i should go eat something.

till next time,

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