03.08.10 :: 12:08 pm

I see you shining your way, go on, go on, go on...

Today my little baby turned 20 months old. I would just like to pause and ruminate on this fact for a moment because this morning when he finished his milk, he said to me "All gone!"

And he can count to three and identify blue, red, yellow, and green.

And you know just twenty minutes ago? He was barely eight pounds of squinty eyed reflexes.

Now. He holds my hand as he climbs the stairs in our apartment. I don't have to carry him to and from the bath anymore. He feeds himself, brushes his teeth (albeit haphazardly), and can sing a few notes of Elmo's theme song. He arranges his toy cars along the arms and back of the couch and pushes them along and says "beep, beep."

I could've sworn I've been paying attention to his minutiae, but all of a sudden, here he is, a full on little boy.

Biggest of sighs ever.

This is the best age and I would freeze every single frame of this time if I could. I would freeze it forever.

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